ICAC 2018 License Renewal Seminars in California & Hawaii

Industrial Injury (QME) Evaluation Training

This is a 44-hour Certification training to become a Qualified Medical Evaluator. See below for complete schedule and outline of course.

To complete this 6 day series you will need to attend all of the dates in both Northern (March 8-9-10 in San Jose/Milpitas)  and in Southern California (March 22-23-24 in Orange/Anaheim)

Dear Doctor:

DO YOU WANT TO BE A QME?  We need at least 10 doctors to sign up to be able to to confirm this Series will happen. Please let us know ASAP.

On April 28, 2018 the State of California, Department of Industrial Relations, Medical Unit will administer the "QME" examination. The application for that competency examination must be postmarked by Imediately after completing  the class . You can get an application package to take the State's test from the DWC Medical Unit (800)794-6900. When you contact them, be sure to purchase their manual entitled, "Physicians Guide to the California Workers' Compensation System" (about 264 pages). This manual is mandatory for our course and is only about $15.00 from the Medical Unit. To download the manual from their web site use, www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/Medical Unit/toc.pdf.
Also Mandatory for the class: Please purchase the AMA "Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment", fifth edition, by calling (800)621-8335. (Do not order the sixth edition). The ICA of California will attempt to sponsor a QME Training Series on the following dates, you will need to attend module 1 in Northern, California and Module 2 in
Southern, California. We are sending this notice to you because you have indicated an interest in completing this course.

Schedule - 44 hour IDE Course Requirement:

Module 1. March 8-9-10 (20 Hours

Milpitas/San Jose, Hillview Office Center, 826 N. Hillview Dr., Milpitas CA 95035   

Also must attend

Module 2. March 22-23-24 (24 Hours)

Orange/Anaheim, Double Tree by Hilton, 100 the City Dr., Orange CA 92868 Ph: (714)978-3839

By the end of the last day of the southern California  module, you will have everything you need to mail your application to the Medical Unit on the following Monday.



Telephone__________________________________   Fax__________________________________



Please Choose One: (Must be preregistered to attend/ Let us know as soon as you know you want to attend).

_____Yes I will attend, I will attend module 1 in Northern, California and Module 2 in Southern, California

_____No, I can't attend the QME Training seminar .

Registration fees

Basic Workers' Compensation Seminar (8 hours) $100.00  +  IDE Course. (Includes Syllabus). (36 hours) $600.00

+  IDE CD (or flash drive) Included with Syllabus  $795.00    = Total Registration fee  $1495.00   (Payment is due at least 24 hours before the seminar).

We will allow you to pay ½ of the registration fee (in advance) per weekend ($747.50). (Payment is due at least 24 hours before the seminar).

Credit Card Number__________________________________________________Security code_______)Expires________

Print Name (As appears on Card)  _______________________________________________________________________

Signature of card holder________________________________________________ Total Amount Enclosed $_________

Sincerely Yours,     

Eric D. Banta                                                                                                   

Executive Director                                                                                   Please respond today! We need to know ASAP!

P.S. We will include licensing CEUs

Please Contact ICAC:  International Chiropractors Association of California   (icachome@email.msn.com)

9700 Business Park Drive, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95827   916-362-4145-fax    800-275-3515