International Chiropractic Association of California presents:Celebrating The Philosophy, Art & Science of Chiropractic
ICAC Spring Mini-Convention
TBA 2022  24 Hours – Saturday & Sunday
Location - TBA

The Annual Convention has been cancelled due to the State of California closing the hotels. Once the order is lifted, ICAC will schedule our annual convention in 2022

Please fill out and send to ICAC by email
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ICAC Convention Fees

Registration Fees ICAC Members
_____Free to ICAC Members Who Pay Dues Annually /or Lifetime Members
_____(Add $100 if taking QME Hours)

Registration Fees Non Member
_____$139 Non Members – 12 Hours ($164 at the door)
_____$278 Non Members – 13-24+ Hours ($303 at the door)
_____$155 Non Member (QME Credits Only - 6 Hours)
_____$99 Non Member (X-Ray Credits Only - 5 Hours)
_____$139 Non Member (X-Ray Credits Only - 10 Hours)
_____$25 Additional At -The -Door Fee
Registration Fees Nonmember Student, Staff, Spouse
_____$25 Student Non-Member
ICA of California
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