CA: Radiologic Health Branch Regulations

Effective October 3, 2012, NEW X-ray regulations require all MD's DO's, DC's and Podiatrists to conform to new mandatory quality control procedures, before taking non-digital X-rays on a patient.

Use Website address to go to California Department of Health (Radiologic Health), to view California Code of Regulations Sections, History of Rulemaking, Status of the Proposal, 45 and 15 day Public Comments, Final Statement and Reasons and the Approved Regulation Text.

California Radiologic Health Branch is required to inspect your office every two years, and will start issuing citations for non-compliance for upcoming inspections. Documentation of compliance is required.

Prior to taking an x-ray on a patient you must first expose an x-ray film with a Sensitometer that places a gradient left to right, light to dark, image on the film. The doctor then processes the film and evaluates that gradient with a Densitometer. This measures whether or not the x-ray film processor is working properly and the developer solution is adequate.

There are two other simple procedures that must be performed every 3 and 6 months. The first is performed every three months, that requires placing a special solution on a developed film to make sure the wash bath has removed all of the fixer from the film. This is called hypo-rete ntion and assures the film's survivability over a longer period of time. The second of these procedures, required every 6 months, is to assure that dark room film fog is not present.

There are costs, including a sensitometer and densitometer. We have been told by the Department of Radiologic Health that an inexpensive stepwedge can be substituted for the densitometer..

ICAC has been informed that all 27,000 licensed x-ray supervisors will be receiving details necessary for implementation and compliance with the new regulations from the Department of Radiologic Health.

ICA of California sends special thanks for compiling this information to: David Cauble, D.C., James Musick, D.C. and Bill Spencer, D.C. All are previous ICAC presidents.