The Fee schedule has increased for all Qualified Medical Evaluators (QME), who perform and conduct Medical-Legal reports for the DWC-Medical Unit, State of California.
The basic medical legal workers’ compensation fee is going up from $625 now to
$2,015 per report,
(plus $3.00 per page, for every page over 200 pages, certified and reviewed).
If you are not already a QME, you may want to consider becoming one. Two ICAC QME seminar series (44 hours, plus 4 hours to receive a full credential) are currently scheduled by ICAC for August 11 through August 14, 2021. This class is full. We are no longer accepting registrations for this seminar.

The next two seminar series are scheduled, as follows:
Tuesday, December 7th through Saturday, December 11th, 2021, and
Tuesday, February 8th through Saturday, February 12th, 2022.
You must be pre-registered. A minimum of 10 registrants for either seminar is required to conduct the class.
Please note, you may register and pay online www.IcacWeb.com, or you may be placed on a waiting list for notification. Pat Banta, Administrative Assistant can assist at (916) 362-8816.
To download registration materials, to take the QME examination with the Medical Unit, State of California, visit:
The date of the next QME examination is in April 2022 (date and time to be announced by the DWC Medical Unit).

 James E. Musick, D.C., QME, FICAC(H)
ICAC Executive Director
For More Information please contact: International Chiropractors Association of California   www.icacweb.com or Call 916-362-8816.
ICA of California - 9700 Business Park Drive, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA, 95827
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