ICAC 2021 License Renewal Seminars in California & Hawaii

Industrial Injury (QME) Evaluation Training

This is a 44-hour Certification training to become a Qualified Medical Evaluator. See below for complete schedule and outline of course.


Industrial Injury Evaluator (I.I.E.) certification, currently approved by DWC, Medical Unit, State of California for two years, through April 2022 (two more QME state exams).
DATES:  August 11, 12,  13 & 14, 2021 (Wednesday, Thursday., Friday & Saturday) by Zoom
LOCATION: Zoom. Call ICAC for login details and payment.
TUITION: $1495 (minimum 10 registrants required to conduct the 4-day series)
CERTIFICATION: Total 44 hours credit to qualify for State QME Exam
CREDENTIAL: Total 48 hours to receive I.I.E. credential (Industrial Injury Evaluator)
PREREQUISITE for Licensure as QME (Qualified Medical Evaluator), an expert in forensic disability evaluation in workers’ compensation for the State of California.
DAYS/HOURS REQUIRED: 44 hours for certification to take QME examination and 4 additional hours to complete the I.I.E. credential (additional take home exam). The course is a total of six days of over a period of three weeks (see below).

Basic Workers’ Compensation (8 hours)
Overview: to include DWC recommended resources, history of reforms, Labor law and DWC regulations.
Prerequisites: First professional degree or college student in upper level division, leading toward a first professional degree.
Course Description: to include workers’ compensation terminology, introduction to rating disability in California, AMA Guides introduction to spinal examinations and impairment; introduction to apportionment under L.C. §4663 and §4664, and introduction to rules of combining impairment of multiple body regions (AMA Guides and California disability rules).